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“Palmwings are as comfortable in the wind as a jungle fern blowing in summer winds. Even youngsters love perching in canopies and napping as they rock back and forth.” 
- Monster Story: Palmwing Monster 
Shop Description
Monster Story Palmwing Monster Baby

Monster Story Palmwing Monster Baby


ElementsMonster Story Green element iconMonster Story Yellow Element

Release Verson: 1.0
Rarity: Common
Hatching Time: 3 Hours
Buying Price:  100Monster Story Gold icon
Selling Price: 100Monster Story Coin icon
Habitat: Yellow Mesa HabitatGreen Glade Habitat
Level Requirement: 4
Evolution Time: 3 Hours

Plant and Air is what this Palmwing Monster is in Monster Story. In its great nature-ish green coloring and great leafs, it is able to fly using these as its wings. The Palmwing Monster is a Green and Yellow monster that players will adore due to its elegance.

Monster Story: Palmwing Monster breeding guide

If you want to breed the Palmwing Monster, you need to breed a Yellow element monster with a Green element monster. This is because the Palmwing in Monster Story is a combination of Yellow and Green element monsters.

The monster takes 3 hours to breed and hatch. The evolution time for the monster is also 3 hours.

Recommended Combination: Tree Rex Monster and Dream Bird Monster

About breeding monsters

Keep in mind that breeding monsters in Monster Story is solely up to your chance in the game. If you see the correct breeding or hatching time then you have a good chance that it is the monster you are looking at on this page.

If it is not the right hatching time then be sure to continue to breed until successful. Keep in mind that the rarity of the monster also plays a role in your breeding process.

Monster Story: Palmwing Monster Evolution Guide

The Palmwing Monster Evolution is based into multiple stages, and the monsters in Monster Story evolves according to the matrix of feeding your monster with Food grown and harvested in your Monster Story app game.

The stages in Monster Story for the Palmwing Monster are Teen, Adult, and Epic forms. The beginning form is also better known as the “baby” form of your monster and you will see that form when you first hatch the Palmwing Monster from its egg.

Egg – Bred from Cross-breeding or purchases
Baby- Form hatched from Egg
Teen – After using the Evolution Totem at the end of level 3
Adult – After using the Evolution Totem at the end of level 6
Epic – After using the Evolution Totem at the end of level 9

Monster Story Palmwing Monster Teen

Monster Story Palmwing Monster Teen

Monster Story Palmwing Monster Adult

Monster Story Palmwing Monster Adult

Monster Story Palmwing Monster Epic

Monster Story Palmwing Monster Epic

The Epic Form is his ultimate form and is generally cooler designed and has the highest income rate out of all his forms.

Monster Story: Palmwing Monster Earnings Per Hour

Level EarningsMonster Story Coin icon
Level 1 160 Level 6 287
Level 2 190 Level 7 502
Level 3 217 Level 8 550
Level 4 307 Level 9 590
Level 5 350 Level 10

Monster Story: Palmwing Monster Food Chart

Level Food Monster Story Food icon Level Food Req.
Level 1 1 Level 6 100
Level 2 4 Level 7  240
Level 3 8 Level 8  500
Level 4 20 Level 9 1000
Level 5 50 Level 10 Max

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